I was born in 1980. I am a husband and father of three children, and I live and work in Eleftheroupoli Kavala.

I was taught the art of Icon Painting in Mount Athos by the monks at the Cell of Saint Nicholas (Bourazeri) for about a year.

I've been painting icons professionally since 2000.

Samples of my work can be found in the 'Gallery' section of this website.

My painting style is classified in the Macedonian School and particularly the Palaeologus period.

I try to keep as closely as possible the traditional way of creating icons, used in centuries by the old Masters of Byzantine Iconography.

Using rabbit-skin glue and chalk to prepare the foundation of the icon, 22-23 karat gold leaves, and the colours used are mostly natural (rocks, minerals, etc.) which are dissolved with egg yolk and vinegar.

The only novelty is that I usually don't use natural wood (as used in the past), but plywood that is resistant to moisture and doesn't warp easily.

I try in every job to produce the best result and improve the quality of my work, so the result is artistically and technically the result is the most comprehensive.

My primary purpose is when someone sees my works,  that all references go directly to the person depicted and from there to God.